I was leaving my house just the other day headed to the dojo, as I pulled around the corner to depart, a strange truck pulled into my drive.  This elderly gentleman hopped out of the truck with a FedEx uniform on.  He smiled and said, 'I'm glad I caught you, this box is heavy.' 

He opened his tailgate and there it sat.  One lone box with my finished project in it.  I just knew that's what it was, my publisher had sent me an email stating books had shipped.  Now here it was, the culmination of a total three year's work.  Eight months of writing for two hours, four nights per week, then two years and four months of pitching it to publishers, agents, and anyone else I could find, editing it again and again, and here it was.  Finally-just in time for my birthday. 

The books in the box were the ones my publisher sent me for my own use before the book goes on Amazon and other distribution channels.  The title of the book is, You Can Hit the Mark:  Discover How Perseverance Overcomes Natural Talent.

It's a book of stories from my life with lessons or "Surefire Strategies", as I call them at the end of each chapter.  As I opened the box I got a little protective feeling over my book.  As I held it in my hands for the first time, I thumbed through it with anticipation of the readers who'd gain great value from this piece and share in my story. 

Then it hit me, like a good straight right hand- this is very personal, and I'm about to share my story with readers everywhere.  It almost felt too personal to share on a public level, almost embarrassing.  

But then I got a hold of my thoughts and gathered myself, remembering the purpose of the book: to improve someone's life by sharing knowledge I gained through a rough road of getting kicked, punched, and even sometimes stepped on, with others so they don't have to go through the bumps and bruises I did.  

I have to share this story, no matter how personal, because it could help a lonely reader who feels God set him or her up for failure and feels lost. 

So I'm gonna share it!  It may just be the one piece of the puzzle that gives you the boost you've been needing.  Below is some of the synopsis on the back of the book I'd thought you'd enjoy.

You Can Hit the Mark   chronicles Hudson's journey, starting with dreams inspired to dreams shattered,and ending with the same dream being tweaked to be come exactly what it was meant to be.

This collage of colorful stories takes you through the highs and lows of a professional athlete's life, through relationships forged to relationships lost. You'll become engulfed in Kevin's passion while he is unknowingly exposed to time-tested and proven principles, which seem to have been lost in this high tech,digital age.You will see that you too can hit the mark!
Before this book hits the shelves and other distribution methods I wanted to offer you a signed copy, straight from the box in my study to your house.  I'd love to have you share in my story and let me know what you think of it. 

It's scheduled to be released on Amazon within the next week and this is your chance to get one of the first ones before anyone else and yes I'll personalized it right to you.  Not that I'm some famous person who's flaunty or something, but from a humble ole fighter who wants to help and feels a certain kinship with friends who share in this story. 

It's quite a feeling to accomplish something like this and I'd love to share it with you.  Once you get your copy, read through and shoot me an email of your take aways.  I'd love to hear from you.

You can also get it at AMAZON...just type in Kevin Hurricane Hudson in the search bar or the title of the book.

Thanks again for being a part of my story.

Keep Kicking and God Bless!