Subject: It was important to him


There I stood, with the rain beating on the roof, inside the ring, ready for round three.  Over the weekend I had a gentleman make a two and a half hour drive to prepare for a test with the Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Organization at the upcoming conference.  This past weekend we had around 10 inches of rain in our area and more in most of the state, so driving anywhere was difficult.  I had finished a class an hour before and only had four students due to the weather.  

This gentleman, whose a police officer in his local town, had called me several months back about helping him prepare for this event in his life.  He’d set a goal and being a lifelong martial artist wanted to further his knowledge with a black belt under the JLFS as a goal attained. 

This was his second trip to see me in the past few months, but today was different.  He’d polished up pretty well on the corrections I advised our last visit, he’d stopped shortening his right hand on his Bennie Briscoe.  He’d got his footwork straightened out on his Short punch, and his 38 combination looked a lot better.  This visit, we had to add the sparring in at the end to check his fortitude and conditioning. 

I put him through a mock test just like at the convention and now was awaiting the bell for the final part of the test.  As we started the third round I could tell he was physically exhausted.  So being the kind person that I am, I began to focus more on a body attack. 

I’m proud to say Officer Gray really stepped it up. 

His mental tenacity overcame his physical fatigue!  Which is a key element champions are made of!

Did you get that???  His mental programming was such that he didn’t allow his bodily fatigue get in the way.  He had set a goal and wasn’t going to let something as frivolous as a temporary ‘FEELING’ get in the way.

As a coach told me once, ‘It’s not about how you feel.’

If you can get that through the ole brain, you’ll definitely be more productive.  Feelings are temporary and feelings shouldn’t be allowed to get in the way of COMMITMENTS!

Recommit to your goals and commitments today and DON’T give up. 

Keep Kicking and God Bless!