25 years ago today, I began an endeavor that would not only effect me, my family, my kids, and hundreds of people around the community. 

Yes it's true, 25 years ago today it all began in a 1600 square feet space in the Tuck & Howell building at the corner of Gap Creed Rd. and Wade Hampton Blvd. 

I'm quite humbled to think back of all the good people that have darkened the dojo door.  

I've learned a lot over the years and much of it unbeknownst to the students I was teaching.  As they say, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

I've seen first hand the power of a good karate class, the bond that training partners create, the tenacity it takes to fight some of life's toughest battles, and how not quitting can be the greatest victory ever achieved.  

Thank you for supporting this boy and his dream for all these years.  I like to think that we've had a great impact on the community through our training.  I know any trip for me to Wal-mart usually provides a current, past, or want-a-be karate student, who yells across the store, "HEY SENSEI!" or "HEY KYOSHI," which is fine with me.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  

In honor of this 25th year anniversary we're taking orders for a limited number of 25th Anniversary Hurricane Martial Arts Center T-shirts.  Celebrate this milestone with us and wear it proudly either in class or around town. 

Order now next time you're in.  You can either click this paypal link or give a check to your sensei and let him or her know your size.  We are placing the order for these shirts January 23rd, so please get your order in as soon as you can.  

Kids sizes are $15 and adult sizes are $20 each.  


I'll be glad to ship it to you but Shipping will be $10 if you can't pick it up at the dojo.

 I'll bill that separately via paypal or give you a buzz and take a card over the phone.  Just email me if you need your sent to you  

Thanks again 

Keep Kicking and God Bless.